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Spiders Win Worthington Wood Bat

Columbus, OH-After an early round loss the Spiders regrouped, played tough and rested their year as Champions. What a great bunch of kids and parents.  The word "TEAM" worked in all parts of this organization.  Thanks first goes to  Jon and Ann DeMell. They did the heavy lifting to make the program exist. Coach Thomas for working with the boys at all levels of the game. Neil Weiss for organizing all the practice facilities.  Laura Weiss for making sure we had a team event at all out of town tournaments.  Helen Jackson for all the Hotel Reservations.  Jeff Greenlief for placing our boys in the twitter crosshairs. Manny Colaco for his webmaster work. Kevin McMullen and Jason Shenkel for donning the coach designation when necessary.

It does take a village.

The team that Mark Shapiro put together years ago has achieved all its goals. The History speaks for itself but it is the unseen parts that made this team special.

We thank all past and present Spiders for their hard work and dedication to each other as well as the game over the years and wish you all the best as you go out in the world to make your mark, both on and off the field:

Jake Armsey

Seve Cantini

Matt Christopher

Eric Colaco

Gip Conroy

Ben DeMell

Jacob Eiremann

Matt Giberti

Ryan Gilbert

Charlie Greenlief

CJ Hankins

Derek Jackson

Jake Johnson

Rico Levak

Stephen Martinko

Jimmy McCrone

Mike McFadden

Jack McMullen

Ty Moses

Caden Shapiro

Jason Shenkel

Charlie Shephard

Justin Slattery

Jeremy Tonelli

Mackenzie Wainwright

Hank Weiss

Austin Wieczorek

Mark Wilbur

The memories of Spiders baseball will shape our boys' lives for many years to come. The goal was to take a special group off kids  on a journey of sport and they learned about life along the way.  As the sun sets on Spiders baseball I will end with the words of Brent Musberger, "Folks, I've had the best seat in the house.  Thanks for sharing it. I'll see you down the road."






Team         GP                  W                L                T           PCT


Record      39                  31                7                1            .795


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